In this highly technological age, nearly each and every factor of large business is paperless. Even though this evolution has drastically simplified the method of carrying out enterprise, it has also remaining industries vulnerable to IC piracy assaults. In counterfeit protection , intellectual theft expenses American organizations billions of bucks in losses every single and every single year. A single resolution that tech teams need to take into account is utilizing OTP (1-time-programmable) memory for their microchip products rather. Here are some reasons why.

–Although the technologies is not new (it was 1st produced in 1969), it is surely dependable and its abilities have surely been refined and enhanced more than the many years. It is almost difficulty-totally free.

–It is fairly low-cost. It is not strange for businesses to commit into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for other anti-piracy options, but OTP memory is simple to set up and use at a mere fraction of that price tag.

–The random quantity technique employed by OTP memory permits the consumer to generate an identification amount from a massive pool of possibilities. It is nearly extremely hard for pirates to detect a certain variety when there are literally billions of achievable combos.

–A system using OTP can be adjusted to match any distinct choice or application. For example, it can be set to allow specified identification quantities to be retrieved only by authorized staff.

–It is a system that is remarkably simple, nevertheless powerfully successful.

In these hard financial times, companies need to uncover anti-piracy tactics that really function and that are also cost-effective: OTP memory may be the IC safety resolution you’ve got been hunting for.